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ID: 1-011 Chajkovskogo Lane

Rent apartments in Chajkovskogo Lane Rooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1


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ID: 2-076 Gagarinskoe Plato/Arcadia

Rent apartments in Gagarinskoe Plato/Arcadia Rooms: 2
Bedrooms: 1


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ID: 2-074 Gagarinskoe Plato/Arcadia

Rent apartments in Gagarinskoe Plato/Arcadia Rooms: 2
Bedrooms: 1


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ID: 2-061 Lanzheronovskaya/ Gavannaya st.

Rent apartments in Lanzheronovskaya/ Gavannaya st. Rooms: 2
Bedrooms: 1


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ID: 3-008 Grecheskaya/ Risheljevskaya st.

Rent apartments in Grecheskaya/ Risheljevskaya st. Rooms: 3
Bedrooms: 2


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ID: 3-017 Langeronovskaya/ Gavannaya st.

Rent apartments in Langeronovskaya/ Gavannaya st. Rooms: 3
Bedrooms: 2


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ID: 4-008 Grecheskaya Street/Grecheskaya square

Rent apartments in Grecheskaya Street/Grecheskaya square Rooms: 4
Bedrooms: 3


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ID: 4-002 Chajkovskogo Lane

Rent apartments in Chajkovskogo Lane Rooms: 4
Bedrooms: 3


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About Odessa rental

Even since Imperator Alexander's I reign people began to name Odessa as the resort city which popularity grew every year. And what changed after almost 200 years? The same wide streets covered with the old planes and acacias, the gold beaches, which annually open their scope for the hundreds thousand of tourists from every corner of the world. And as Odessa grows, tourist business of the city develops also. And even contrary to an unstable economic situation in Ukraine it more and more tourists wish to travel to Odessa Ukraine every year.

In most cases tour operators provide accommodations for tourists, offering them rooms in many Odessa hotels. However it is possible to find more comfortable and cheap stay in Odessa. For example, during last years Odessa accommodation service has greatly increased. And it is not surprising:Odessa rentalapartments gives tourists much more freedom at finding an appropriate lodging. And to lodge an apartment is cheaper than to pay for a room in Odessa hotels.

One more advantage of Odessa rentalif to compare with staying in the hotel - all the apartments have different location, so you can choose exactly what you need. The most Odessa hotels are located in the historical centre of city while you can find an apartment in any part of a city. It is the excellent possibility to rent 'the best' apartment for you.

For example, fans of silence and calmness can find a 'cozy nest' in a sleeping district of the city, and those who travel to Odessa in hope to 'hoot' will find a suitable apartment in Arcadia district - the capital of Odessa night-clubs.

Odessa Arcadia region
Arcadia beach Odessa Arcadia district

At the same time Odessa Arcadia can attract those willing to spend their time on sandy beaches of the Black Sea coast. In the afternoon you can have dinner at numerous Arcadia beach bars, cafe and restaurants, which offer Ukrainian traditional cuisine as well as international ones. And friendly inhabitants of Odessa will suggest you to play in beach football or volleyball.

Tourists, who wish to give more attention to history of Odessa and its culture can rent an apartment in 'Old Odessa' district.

It is interesting that the business part ofthe city - all financial, official organizations, main offices of the most companies - are located in the city centre, the historical part of Odessa. And all these establishments located very close to each other, because this part of the city was densely built.

Odessa Sea Port Odessa Business district
Odessa Sea Port Odessa Business district

Therefore, if you are planning a bussiness trip and intend to visit a lot of establishments, it will take you not so much time to do it. And the direct affinity of the historical and business parts ofthe city, will allow you to spend short minutes of rest, sightseeingthe cultural heritage of Odessa. The numerous restaurants located practically at every corner will help you to relax and to gain strength to success in the purpose of your visit.

Downtown Odessa rental Cultural heritage of Odessa
Odessa streets Downtown Odessa

So as a conclusion we can say that Odessa accommodation service is the best choice for you ? as Odessa rental is cheaper than to pay for a room in Odessa hotels and the quality will be the same or even higher and also you can choose the location what you need.

So its up to you whether to rent an apartment in Odessa or to find a roomin the hotel.

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