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Our Apartments

1 room apartments [79]

2 room apartments [114]

3 room apartments [45]

4 room apartments [13]

5 room apartments [5]

6 room apartments [1]

Houses and Cottages [11]

Apartments in Arcadia [75]

The cheapest [4]

Best offer

ID: 2-074 Gagarinskoe Plato/Arcadia

Rent apartments in Gagarinskoe Plato/Arcadia Rooms: 2
Bedrooms: 1

Beds: 2+2


Details & Booking

ID: 3-007 Tenistaya st./Arcadia

Rent apartments in Tenistaya st./Arcadia Rooms: 3
Bedrooms: 2

Beds: 2+2


Details & Booking

ID: 7 Levanevskogo street/Arcadia

Rent apartments in Levanevskogo street/Arcadia Rooms: 4
Bedrooms: 3

Beds: 2+2+2+2


Details & Booking

ID: 4-002 Chajkovskogo Lane

Rent apartments in Chajkovskogo Lane Rooms: 4
Bedrooms: 3

Beds: 2+2+2


Details & Booking

Welcome to Odessa Rental Service

We offer you comfortable Odessa rental:

  • Large and regularly updated database of homelike Odessa apartments for rent: studios and 1-6 room apartments ranging from economy to luxury class, so you can choose exactly what you need
  • All Odessa rental apartments are located in the centre of the city or near the sea
  • All our rental have detailed description and a lot of photos
  • All rental in Odessa is pointed at interactive map of Odessa
  • Practically all our apartments are newly-renovated and fully-equipped
  • All our apartments are from the owners

In addition we offer:

  • Comfortable transfer to your residence and car rental with a driver on duty
  • Mobile phone/SIM card rental
  • Interpreter/Personal assistant service

We offer our assistance at every stage of your trip.

We are at your disposal during all your stay in our city.

We are ready to help you every minute as we want to make your trip unforgettable!

High-quality living conditions and price on rent in Odessa lower than in Hotels is a good reason why our customers choose Odessa rental Service

About Odessa rental

During last years Odessa accommodation service has greatly increased. And it is not surprising: rent apartments in Odessa gives tourists much more freedom at finding an appropriate lodging. And to lodge an apartment is cheaper than to pay for a room in Odessa hotels. Details...

Advantages to rent an apartment

Every day a lot of tourists come to Odessa. And it is very important to think about finding an appropriate accommodation in our beautiful city.Nowadays you can be given a few answers: you can book a room in the hotel or rent an apartment on daily basis. Details...

To rent an apartments in Odessa Ukraine

Nowadays rental market is growing rapidly. Only in the centre of Odessa about 2000 apartments are offered for rent on daily basis. The price level is very different. Starting from economy class very modest apartments for 25-30 USD per night up to fashionable VIP class 2-level apartments for 300-400 USD per night.Details...

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